Get Kepco Power Supply Repair Services Here

POWER Clinic’s goal is to provide “Peace of Mind” to each and every one of the people who contact us for help in solving a problem. We realize that our customers aren’t companies….our customers are people who have a job to do and a boss or a customer to please. To that end, we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service so that you, as the client, have the faith and confidence that, in trusting Power Clinic, you sent your mission critical components to the right vendor.

The Power Clinic repairs all Kepco Power Supplies. When you need a Kepco Power Supply Repaired … contact Power Clinic Inc for help. Our Technical Reps will help co-ordinate a free evaluation and provide a price quote for repair and do it fast. Most Kepco Power Supply Repair quotes are returned in 3-5 days and finished repairs are usually shipped 5-7 days after you approve the service order.

The following is a list of many of the Kepco models we service.

1300061001 1376A1 320.855512 R
5480001 62143 6375-02
ABC 10-10DM ABC 10-10DM ABC 125-1DM
ABC 125-1DM ABC 15-7DM ABC 15-7DM
ABC 25-4DM ABC 30-0.3M ABC 30-03
ABC 30.03 ABC 36-3DM ABC 36-3DM
ABC 40-0.5M ABC 40.05 ABC 425M
ABC 60-2DM ABC 60-2DM APH 2000M
APH 2000M APH 500DM APH 500DM
APH 500M APH 500M APH Series
ATE 100 Watt Series ATE 100-0.55M ATE 100-0.55M
ATE 100-0.5DM ATE 100-0.5DM ATE 100-0.5DML
ATE 100-0.5M ATE 100-0.5M ATE 100-0.5ML
ATE 100-0.5ML ATE 100-10 DMG ATE 100-105M
ATE 100-105M ATE 100-10DM ATE 100-10DM
ATE 100-10DMG ATE 100-10M ATE 100-10M
ATE 100-15M ATE 100-15M ATE 100-1DM
ATE 100-1DM ATE 100-1DML ATE 100-1M
ATE 100-1ML ATE 100-1ML ATE 100-2.55M
ATE 100-2.55M ATE 100-2.5DM ATE 100-2.5DM
ATE 100-2.5M ATE 100-2.5M ATE 100-55M
ATE 100-5DM ATE 100-5M ATE 1000 Watt Series
ATE 15-155M ATE 15-15DM ATE 15-15M
ATE 15-255M ATE 15-25DM ATE 15-25M
ATE 15-35M ATE 15-3DM ATE 15-3M
ATE 15-3M ATE 15-3ML ATE 15-3ML
ATE 15-50 DMG ATE 15-50 DMG ATE 15-505M
ATE 15-505M ATE 15-50DM ATE 15-50DM
ATE 15-50M ATE 15-50M ATE 15-65M
ATE 15-65M ATE 15-6DM ATE 15-6DM
ATE 15-6DML ATE 15-6DML ATE 15-6M
ATE 15-6M ATE 15-6ML ATE 15-6ML
ATE 150-0.35M ATE 150-0.35M ATE 150-0.3DM
ATE 150-0.3DM ATE 150-0.3M ATE 150-0.3ML
ATE 150-0.3ML ATE 150-0.75M ATE 150-0.75M
ATE 150-0.7DM ATE 150-0.7DM ATE 150-0.7DML
ATE 150-0.7DML ATE 150-0.7M ATE 150-0.7M
ATE 150-0.7ML ATE 150-0.7ML ATE 150-1.55M
ATE 150-1.55M ATE 150-1.5DM ATE 150-1.5DM
ATE 150-1.5M ATE 150-1.5M ATE 150-3.55M
ATE 150-3.55M ATE 150-3.5DM ATE 150-3.5DM
ATE 150-3.5M ATE 150-3.5M ATE 150-7 DMG
ATE 150-7 DMG ATE 150-75M ATE 150-75M
ATE 150-7DM ATE 150-7DM ATE 150-7M
ATE 150-7M ATE 25-105M ATE 25-105M
ATE 25-10DM ATE 25-10DM ATE 25-10M
ATE 25-10M ATE 25-205M ATE 25-205M
ATE 25-20DM ATE 25-20DM ATE 25-20M
ATE 25-20M ATE 25-25M ATE 25-25M
ATE 25-2DM ATE 25-2DM ATE 25-2M
ATE 25-2M ATE 25-2ML ATE 25-2ML
ATE 25-40 DMG ATE 25-405M ATE 25-405M
ATE 25-40DM ATE 25-40DM ATE 25-40DMG
ATE 25-40M ATE 25-40M ATE 25-45M
ATE 25-45M ATE 25-4DM ATE 25-4DM
ATE 25-4DML ATE 25-4DML ATE 25-4M
ATE 25-4M ATE 25-4ML ATE 25-4ML
ATE 250 Watt Series ATE 325-0.85M ATE 325-0.85M
ATE 325-0.8DM ATE 325-0.8DM ATE 325-0.8M
ATE 325-0.8M ATE 36-1.55M ATE 36-1.55M
ATE 36-1.5DM ATE 36-1.5DML ATE 36-1.5M
ATE 36-1.5ML ATE 36-1.5ML ATE 36-155M
ATE 36-15DM ATE 36-15DM ATE 36-15M
ATE 36-15M ATE 36-30 DMG ATE 36-30 DMG
ATE 36-305M ATE 36-305M ATE 36-30DM
ATE 36-30DM ATE 36-30M ATE 36-30M
ATE 36-35M ATE 36-35M ATE 36-3DM
ATE 36-3DM ATE 36-3DML ATE 36-3DML
ATE 36-3M ATE 36-3M ATE 36-3ML
ATE 36-3ML ATE 36-85M ATE 36-85M
ATE 36-8DM ATE 36-8DM ATE 36-8M
ATE 36-8M ATE 50 Watt Series ATE 500 Watt Series
ATE 55-105M ATE 55-105M ATE 55-10DM
ATE 55-10DM ATE 55-10M ATE 55-10M
ATE 55-15M ATE 55-1DM ATE 55-1DML
ATE 55-1M ATE 55-1ML ATE 55-20 DMG
ATE 55-205M ATE 55-20DM ATE 55-20M
ATE 55-25M ATE 55-2DM ATE 55-2DML
ATE 55-2M ATE 55-2ML ATE 55-55M
ATE 55-5DM ATE 55-5DM ATE 55-5M
ATE 55-5M ATE 6-100 DMG ATE 6-100 DMG
ATE 6-1005M ATE 6-100DM ATE 6-100M
ATE 6-105M ATE 6-10DM ATE 6-10DML
ATE 6-10M ATE 6-10ML ATE 6-10ML
ATE 6-255M ATE 6-25DM ATE 6-25DM
ATE 6-25M ATE 6-505M ATE 6-505M
ATE 6-50DM ATE 6-50M ATE 6-55M
ATE 6-55M ATE 6-5DM ATE 6-5DM
ATE 6-5M ATE 6-5ML ATE 6-5ML
ATE 75-0.75M ATE 75-0.7DM ATE 75-0.7DM
ATE 75-0.7DML ATE 75-0.7DML ATE 75-0.7M
ATE 75-0.7ML ATE 75-1.55M ATE 75-1.5DM
ATE 75-1.5DM ATE 75-1.5DML ATE 75-1.5DML
ATE 75-1.5M ATE 75-1.5ML ATE 75-1.5ML
ATE 75-15 DMG ATE 75-155M ATE 75-155M
ATE 75-15DM ATE 75-15DMG ATE 75-15M
ATE 75-15M ATE 75-35M ATE 75-35M
ATE 75-3DM ATE 75-3DM ATE 75-3M
ATE 75-3M ATE 75-85M ATE 75-85M
ATE 75-8DM ATE 75-8DM ATE 75-8M
ATE 75-8M ATE15-3M ATE150-7M-23307
ATE25-40M BHK 1000-0.2MG BHK 1000-0.2MG
BHK 1000-40MG BHK 1000-40MG BHK 200 Watt Series
BHK 2000-0.1MG BHK 2000-0.1MG BHK 2000-20MG
BHK 2000-20MG BHK 300-0.6MG BHK 300-0.6MG
BHK 300-130MG BHK 300-130MG BHK 500-0.4MG
BHK 500-0.4MG BHK 500-80MG BHK 500-80MG
BOP 10-75MG BOP 10-75MG BOP 100
BOP 100-10MG BOP 100-10MG BOP 100-1D
BOP 100-1M BOP 100-2D BOP 100-2D
BOP 100-2M BOP 100-2M BOP 100-4D
BOP 100-4D BOP 100-4M BOP 100-4M
BOP 1000DM BOP 1000DM BOP 1000M
BOP 1000M BOP 20 BOP 20-10D
BOP 20-10D BOP 20-10M BOP 20-10M
BOP 20-20D BOP 20-20D BOP 20-20M
BOP 20-20M BOP 20-50MG BOP 20-50MG
BOP 20-5D BOP 20-5D BOP 20-5M
BOP 20-5M BOP 200 BOP 200-1D
BOP 200-1D BOP 200-1M BOP 200-1M
BOP 36-1.5M BOP 36-12D BOP 36-12D
BOP 36-12M BOP 36-12M BOP 36-28MG
BOP 36-28MG BOP 36-6D BOP 36-6D
BOP 36-6M BOP 36-6M BOP 50-20MG
BOP 50-20MG BOP 50-2D BOP 50-2D
BOP 50-2M BOP 50-2M BOP 50-4D
BOP 50-4D BOP 50-4M BOP 50-4M
BOP 50-8D BOP 50-8D BOP 50-8M
BOP 50-8M BOP 500DM BOP 500DM
BOP 500M BOP 500M BOP 72-1.5M
BOP 72-14MG BOP 72-14MG BOP 72-3D
BOP 72-3D BOP 72-3M BOP 72-3M
BOP 72-6D BOP 72-6D BOP 72-6M
BOP 72-6M BOP Series CA 400
CA 400 CC 100-0.2M CC 100-0.2M
CC 15-1.5M CC 15-1.5M CC 21-1M
CC 21-1M CC 40-0.5M CC 40-0.5M
CC 7-2M CC 7-2M CC 72-0.3M
CC 72-0.3M CC Series CCP Series
CK 36-1.5M CK 60-0.5M CPS-6-45-M
EFX Series EFX050T-1 EFX100T-1
EFX100T-4 EMR Series EMR-100K
EMR-200K ERD 12-12-24 ERD 12-12-24
ERD 12-12-48 ERD 12-12-48 ERD 12-2.5-24
ERD 12-2.5-24 ERD 12-2.5-48 ERD 12-2.5-48
ERD 12-5-24 ERD 12-5-24 ERD 12-5-48
ERD 12-5-48 ERD 15-10-24 ERD 15-10-24
ERD 15-10-48 ERD 15-10-48 ERD 15-2-24
ERD 15-2-24 ERD 15-2-48 ERD 15-2-48
ERD 15-4-24 ERD 15-4-24 ERD 15-4-48
ERD 15-4-48 ERD 24-1.3-24 ERD 24-1.3-24
ERD 24-1.3-48 ERD 24-1.3-48 ERD 24-2.5-24
ERD 24-2.5-24 ERD 24-2.5-48 ERD 24-2.5-48
ERD 24-6-24 ERD 24-6-24 ERD 24-6-48
ERD 24-6-48 ERD 48-0.6-24 ERD 48-0.6-24
ERD 48-0.6-48 ERD 48-0.6-48 ERD 48-1.2-24
ERD 48-1.2-24 ERD 48-1.2-48 ERD 48-1.2-48
ERD 48-2.8-24 ERD 48-2.8-24 ERD 48-2.8-48
ERD 48-2.8-48 ERD 5-12-24 ERD 5-12-24
ERD 5-12-48 ERD 5-12-48 ERD 5-30-24
ERD 5-30-24 ERD 5-30-48 ERD 5-30-48
ERD 5-6-24 ERD 5-6-24 ERD 5-6-48
ERD 5-6-48 ERD Series ERX 12-20
ERX 12-20 ERX 15-8 ERX 15-8
ERX 5-24 ERX 5-24 ERX 5-48
ERX 5-48 ERX Series ERX12-5
ERX24-10 ERX5-12 FAK Series
FAW12.2 FPD Series HSF 12-12
HSF 12-12 HSF 12-12-1UR HSF 12-12-1UR
HSF 12-13PFC HSF 12-13PFC HSF 12-30
HSF 12-30 HSF 12-4.2 HSF 12-4.2
HSF 12-4.2-1U HSF 12-4.2-1U HSF 12-4.2U
HSF 12-4.2U HSF 12-4.3-1UR HSF 12-4.3-1UR
HSF 12-4.3PFC HSF 12-4.3PFC HSF 12-53
HSF 12-53 HSF 12-53M HSF 12-53M
HSF 12-8.3 HSF 12-8.3 HSF 12-8.3-1U
HSF 12-8.3-1U HSF 12-8.3U HSF 12-8.3U
HSF 12-8.4-1UR HSF 12-8.4-1UR HSF 12-8.5PFC
HSF 12-8.5PFC HSF 15-10 HSF 15-10
HSF 15-10-1UR HSF 15-10-1UR HSF 15-10PFC
HSF 15-10PFC HSF 15-24 HSF 15-24
HSF 15-3.4 HSF 15-3.4 HSF 15-3.4-1U
HSF 15-3.4-1U HSF 15-3.4U HSF 15-3.4U
HSF 15-3.5-1UR HSF 15-3.5-1UR HSF 15-3.5PFC
HSF 15-3.5PFC HSF 15-43 HSF 15-43
HSF 15-43M HSF 15-43M HSF 15-6.6
HSF 15-6.6 HSF 15-6.6-1U HSF 15-6.6-1U
HSF 15-6.6U HSF 15-6.6U HSF 15-6.7-1UR
HSF 15-6.7-1UR HSF 15-7PFC HSF 15-7PFC
HSF 24-16 HSF 24-2.1 HSF 24-2.1-1U
HSF 24-2.1U HSF 24-2.2-1UR HSF 24-2.2PFC
HSF 24-2.2PFC HSF 24-27 HSF 24-27
HSF 24-27M HSF 24-27M HSF 24-4.2
HSF 24-4.2 HSF 24-4.2-1U HSF 24-4.2-1U
HSF 24-4.2-1UR HSF 24-4.2-1UR HSF 24-4.2U
HSF 24-4.2U HSF 24-4.5PFC HSF 24-4.5PFC
HSF 24-50 HSF 24-50 HSF 24-50M
HSF 24-50M HSF 24-6 HSF 24-6
HSF 24-6.3-1UR HSF 24-6.3-1UR HSF 24-6.5PFC
HSF 24-6.5PFC HSF 28-13 HSF 28-13
HSF 28-23 HSF 28-23 HSF 28-23M
HSF 28-23M HSF 28-3.5 HSF 28-3.5
HSF 28-3.5-1U HSF 28-3.5-1U HSF 28-3.5-1UR
HSF 28-3.5-1UR HSF 28-3.5U HSF 28-3.5U
HSF 28-3.8PFC HSF 28-3.8PFC HSF 28-5
HSF 28-5 HSF 28-5.3-1UR HSF 28-5.3-1UR
HSF 28-5.5PFC HSF 28-5.5PFC HSF 3.3-25-1UR
HSF 3.3-25-1UR HSF 3.3-35-1UR HSF 3.3-35-1UR
HSF 3.3-70 HSF 3.3-70 HSF 48-1
HSF 48-1 HSF 48-1-1.1UR HSF 48-1-1.1UR
HSF 48-1-1U HSF 48-1-1U HSF 48-1.1-1UR
HSF 48-1.1-1UR HSF 48-1.1PFC HSF 48-1.1PFC
HSF 48-13 HSF 48-13 HSF 48-13M
HSF 48-13M HSF 48-1U HSF 48-1U
HSF 48-2 HSF 48-2 HSF 48-2-1U
HSF 48-2-1U HSF 48-2-1UR HSF 48-2-1UR
HSF 48-2.1PFC HSF 48-2.1PFC HSF 48-2.8
HSF 48-2.8 HSF 48-2U HSF 48-2U
HSF 48-3.1-1UR HSF 48-3.1-1UR HSF 48-3.3PFC
HSF 48-3.3PFC HSF 48-32 HSF 48-32
HSF 48-32M HSF 48-32M HSF 48-7.5
HSF 48-7.5 HSF 5-10 HSF 5-10
HSF 5-10-1U HSF 5-10-1U HSF 5-10-1UR
HSF 5-10-1UR HSF 5-10PFC HSF 5-10PFC
HSF 5-10U HSF 5-10U HSF 5-20
HSF 5-20-1U HSF 5-20-1U HSF 5-20-1UR
HSF 5-20-1UR HSF 5-20PFC HSF 5-20PFC
HSF 5-20U HSF 5-20U HSF 5-30
HSF 5-30 HSF 5-30-1UR HSF 5-30-1UR
HSF 5-30PFC HSF 5-30PFC HSF 5-70
HSF 5-70 HSM 12-84 HSM 12-84
HSM 15-66 HSM 15-66 HSM 24-42
HSM 24-42 HSM 24-60 HSM 24-60
HSM 28-36 HSM 28-36 HSM 28-53
HSM 28-53 HSM 3.3-230 HSM 3.3-230
HSM 48-21 HSM 48-21 HSM 48-30
HSM 48-30 HSM 5-200 HSM 5-200
HSP 12-84MR HSP 12-84MR HSP 12-84R
HSP 12-84R HSP 15-66MR HSP 15-66MR
HSP 15-66R HSP 15-66R HSP 24-42MR
HSP 24-42MR HSP 24-42R HSP 24-60MR
HSP 24-60R HSP 28-36 HSP 28-36MR
HSP 28-36R HSP 28-53MR HSP 28-53R
HSP 3.3-230MR HSP 3.3-230R HSP 48-21MR
HSP 48-21R HSP 48-30MR HSP 48-30MR
HSP 48-30R HSP 5-200MR HSP 5-200R
HSP 5-200R HSP-28-36R HSP28-36P
JQE 1 00 Watt Series JQE 100-10M JQE 100-10M
JQE 100-1M JQE 100-2.5M JQE 100-5M
JQE 1000 Watt Series JQE 15-12M JQE 15-25M
JQE 15-50M JQE 15-6M JQE 150-1.5M
JQE 150-3.5 JQE 150-3.5M JQE 150-7M
JQE 25-10M JQE 25-20M JQE 25-40M
JQE 25-4M JQE 250 Watt Series JQE 36-15M
JQE 36-30M JQE 36-3M JQE 36-8M
JQE 500 Watt Series JQE 55-10M JQE 55-10M
JQE 55-20M JQE 55-2M JQE 55-5M
JQE 6-10M JQE 6-22M JQE 6-45M
JQE 6-90M JQE 75-1.5M JQE 75-15M
JQE 75-15M JQE 75-3M JQE 75-8M
JQE 75-8M JQE-36-8M JQE75-3M
KFD/KFL/KRLSeries KLP 150-16-1.2K KLP 150-16-1.2K
KLP 150-16-1200 KLP 20-120-1.2K KLP 20-120-1.2K
KLP 20-120-1200 KLP 300-8-1.2K KLP 300-8-1.2K
KLP 300-8-1200 KLP 36-60-1.2K KLP 36-60-1200
KLP 600 KLP 600-4-1.2K KLP 600-4-1200
KLP 75 KLP 75-33-1.2K KLP 75-33-1200
KLP 75-33-1200 KRV Series KS 120
KS Series KS60-2M MAT 100
MAT 100-10 MAT 100-3.6 MAT 100-7.2
MAT 15 MAT 15-20 MAT 15-40
MAT 15-60 MAT 15-60 MAT 150
MAT 150-2.4 MAT 150-4.8 MAT 150-7
MAT 25-14 MAT 25-28 MAT 25-42
MAT 36 MAT 36-10 MAT 36-20
MAT 36-30 MAT 55 MAT 55-14
MAT 55-20 MAT 55-7 MAT 6
MAT 6-100 MAT 6-32 MAT 6-64
MAT 75 MAT 75-10 MAT 75-15
MAT 75-5 MBT 100-3.6M MBT 100-3.6MG
MBT 100-3.6MGR MBT 100-3.6MR MBT 15
MBT 15-20M MBT 15-20MG MBT 15-20MGR
MBT 15-20MR MBT 150 MBT 150-2.4M
MBT 150-2.4MG MBT 150-2.4MGR MBT 150-2.4MR
MBT 25-14M MBT 25-14MG MBT 25-14MGR
MBT 25-14MR MBT 36-10M MBT 36-10MG
MBT 36-10MGR MBT 36-10MR MBT 55
MBT 55-7M MBT 55-7MG MBT 55-7MGR
MBT 55-7MR MBT 6 MBT 6-32M
MBT 6-32MG MBT 6-32MGR MBT 6-32MR
MBT 75 MBT 75-5M MBT 75-5MG
MBT 75-5MGR MBT 75-5MR MPS 620M
MPS 620ML MRM Series MRM-260KV
MRW Series MRW-160KV MSK 10-10M
MSK 10-10M MSK 10-10ML MSK 125-1M
MSK 125-1M MSK 125-1ML MSK 20
MSK 20-5M MSK 20-5ML MSK 40
MSK 40-2.5M MSK 40-2.5ML MSK 60
MSK 60-2M MSK 60-2ML MSK Series
MST 100 MST 100-2M MST 15
MST 15-12M MST 150 MST 150-1.2M
MST 25 MST 25-8M MST 36
MST 36-5M MST 488 MST 488-27
MST 55-3.5M MST 6-20M MST 75-2.5M
NTC 200 OPS 1000B OPS 3500
OPS 5000 OPS 500B P112
PAD600 PAT 100-0.2 PAT 15-1.5
PAT 21-1 PAT 40-0.5 PAT 40-0.5ER
PAT 7-2 PAT 72-0.3 PAT Series
PAT15.1-1.522781 PAT40-0.5 PBX Series
PBX-21 PCX 100-0.2MAT PCX 15-1.5MAT
PCX 200-0.1MAT PCX 21-1MAT PCX 40-0.5MAT
PCX 7-2MAT PCX 72-0.3MAT PCX Series
PDM35 PRM 12-10 PRM 12-15
PRM 12-23 PRM 12-35 PRM 12-5
PRM 120-1 PRM 120-1.5 PRM 120-2.4
PRM 15-18 PRM 15-4 PRM 21-2.9
PRM 24-12 PRM 24-20 PRM 24-5
PRM 24-8 PRM 240-0.25 PRM 26-2.3
PRM 28-10 PRM 28-17 PRM 28-7
PRM 2X12-12 PRM 2X15-10 PRM 2X24-6
PRM 36-1.7 PRM 48-10 PRM 48-6
PRM 5-10 PRM 8-7 PRM 8.5-30
PRM 8.5-30 PRM Series PRM120-1
PRM24-20 PRM2X24-6 PRR 12-77M
PRR 12-77M PRR 24-42M PRR 24-42M
PRR 28-36M PRR 28-36M PRR 48-22M
PRR 48-22M PTR 100-0.6 PTR 100-0.6
PTR 15-3.3 PTR 15-3.3 PTR 21-2.5
PTR 21-2.5 PTR 40-1.4 PTR 40-1.4
PTR 7-5.5 PTR 7-5.5 PTR 72-0.8
PTR 72-0.8 PTR Series PWC0620
RA 19-1U RA 19-1U RA 19-3B
RA 19-3B RA 19-4B RA 19-4B
RA 19-4C RA 19-4C RA 19-5B
RA 19-5B RA 19-6B RA 19-6B
RA 19-7B RA 19-7B RA 19-8B
RA 19-8B RA 22-6A RA 22-6A
RA 32 RA 32 RA 50
RA 51 RA 55 RA 55
RA 58-23E RA 58-23E RA 58-24E
RA 58-24E RA 59 RA 60
RA 60 RA 60-23E RA 60-23E
RA 60-24E RA 60-24E RA 61
RA 62-23E RA 62-23E RA 62-24E
RA 62-24E RA 63 RA 63-23
RA 63-24 RAX 100 Watt Series RAX 12-125K
RAX 12-25K RAX 12-4.2K RAX 12-8.3K
RAX 12-8.3K RAX 15-11K RAX 15-20K
RAX 15-6.6K RAX 15-6.6K RAX 1500 Watt Series
RAX 175 Watt Series RAX 24-12K RAX 24-2.1K
RAX 24-4.2K RAX 24-65K RAX 28-1.8K
RAX 28-10K RAX 28-3.5K RAX 28-3.5K
RAX 3.3-10K RAX 3.3-20K RAX 3.3-20K
RAX 3.3-35K RAX 3.3-35K RAX 300 Watt Series
RAX 3000 Watt Series RAX 48-2K RAX 48-3.6K
RAX 48-3.6K RAX 48-30K RAX 48-6K
RAX 5-10K RAX 5-20K RAX 5-20K
RAX 5-300K RAX 5-35K RAX 5-35K
RAX 50 Watt Series RAX24-12K RAX24-65K
RAX28-62K RAX3.3-3.5K RAX5-60
RBX Series RBX-02-120-K RBX-05-120-K
RBX05-120K RBX12-50K RBX120K
RBX24-25K RCW 12-125K RCW 12-125K
RCW 12-30K RCW 12-30K RCW 12-62K
RCW 12-62K RCW 15-100K RCW 15-100K
RCW 15-24K RCW 15-50K RCW 24-16K
RCW 24-31K RCW 24-65K RCW 28-13K
RCW 28-26K RCW 28-55K RCW 3.3-150K
RCW 3.3-300K RCW 3.3-70K RCW 48-15K
RCW 48-32K RCW 48-7.5K RCW 5-150K
RCW 5-300K RCW 5-70K RCW350WK
RCW5-150K RDT Series RKE 24-50
RKE 48-32K RKW 12-125K RKW 12-27K
RKW 12-53K RKW 12-53K RKW 15-100K
RKW 15-22K RKW 15-43K RKW 24-14K
RKW 24-27K RKW 24-65K RKW 28-12K
RKW 28-23K RKW 28-55K RKW 3.3-150K
RKW 3.3-375K RKW 3.3-70K RKW 48-13K
RKW 48-32K RKW 48-7K RKW 5-120K
RKW 5-300K RKW 5-60K RKW12-8.5K
RMD 05-B-24 RMD Series RMD-09B-48
RMD-24D-110 RMD05-A-110-2110-7 RMD12-B-24
RMD15-A-110-2110-8 RMD24-A-110 RMD24-A-110-2110-9
RMD24-B-110 RMK24-C RMK354-1205
RMT Series RMT001-AA RMT001-AA-230
RMT002-AA RMT003-AA-230 RMX
RMX-05-D RMX-24-B RMX-24-D
RMX-24-D-20804 RMX-24B RMX05-A
RMX24-N RTW 12-12K RTW 12-25KC
RTW 15-10K RTW 15-20KC RTW 24-13KC
RTW 24-6.3K RTW 28-11KC RTW 28-5.4K
RTW 3.3-35K RTW 3.3-70KC RTW 48-3.2K
RTW 48-6.5KC RTW 5-30K RTW 5-60KC
RXT 051-C RXT Series SCB Series
SD1/SD2 Series SEl/SE2 Series SM75
SN 488-031 SN 488-032 SN 488-121
SN 488-122 SN 488-B SN 488-D
SN 603 SN 612 SNR 488-4
SNR 488-8 SNR-488-4 TBC 12-120M
TBC 12-120MW TBC 12-20M TBC 12-20MW
TBC 12-50M TBC 12-50MW TBC 24-120M
TBC 24-120MW TBC 24-25M TBC 24-25M
TBC 24-25MW TBC 24-60M TBC 24-60M
TBC 24-60MW TBC 48-12M TBC 48-12M
TBC 48-12MW TBC 48-30M TBC 48-30MW
TBC 48-60M TBC 48-60M TBC 48-60MW
TMA 4882-27 TMA PC-27 TMA VXI-27

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Our Services

  • Component level troubleshooting
  • Refurbishment
  • Engineering updates
  • Custom modifications
  • 72 Hour Expedited service
  • Screening/No Trouble Found programs
  • Stock-kept replacements
  • No evaluation charge (most cases)
  • Failure and warranty tracking
  • Preventative Maintenance programs
  • Replacement sourcing
  • All repairs warrantied for a minimum of 6 months


Power Clinic Inc is ALWAYS seeking talented and enthusiastic technicians and engineers in the DFW Metroplex.

Please email us your resume for consideration to:

The Power Clinic Advantage

  • Thousands of unique models repaired since 1987
  • Knowledgeable engineers and technicians experienced in troubleshooting and finding solutions
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Large inventory of domestic and foreign parts
  • Helpful and thorough client support team
  • Quick repair turnaround times
  • Large library of technical documentation

Our business is keeping your business in power!