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POWER Clinic’s goal is to provide “Peace of Mind” to each and every one of the people who contact us for help in solving a problem. We realize that our customers aren’t companies….our customers are people who have a job to do and a boss or a customer to please. To that end, we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service so that you, as the client, have the faith and confidence that, in trusting Power Clinic, you sent your mission critical components to the right vendor.

The Power Clinic repairs all ACDC Power Supplies. When you need a ACDC Power Supply Repaired … contact Power Clinic Inc for help. Our Technical Reps will help co-ordinate a free evaluation and provide a price quote for repair and do it fast. Most ACDC Power Supply Repair quotes are returned in 3-5 days and finished repairs are usually shipped 5-7 days after you approve the service order.

The following is a list of many of the ACDC models we service.

JF151A-9000 0000175161 B-A 10N3.5-1-2-C
1201.5-1-2-30 12D1 12D1.5-1-2-30
12D3.4 12N1.7-1-2 12N1.7-6
12N3.2-1-2-29 1472940-AA9 15D1.3-1-2-A
15N5-2 16N7.7 22179998
24N2.4 24N5.4-1-2 24N5.4-1-2C
28N2.9-1-A 330023-047 5N10-1-2
5N10-1-2-B 5N10-1-2-C 5N10-1-C
5N10-107 5N100 5N150
5N17-1-2 5N17-1-F 5N25-1-2-30
5N3-1 5N35-1 5N35-1-2-35
5N35-12 5N5.7-1 6020NZ10700A-1455
6020NZ10700B 6130-00-N914112 69-956-015
69-956-105 71-364-012 71-364-015
71-364-105 801 801718-001
804B 84-41503-001-DR 8441503001
919024 9300233-A 95842
95843 96462 96781-19
98949-1 98949-3 98951-1
98951-3 98954 99047
99100-2 99124 99171
99199 99253 99279
9J530027S13331 A400A0097 AS6504115COM
BX28N20 EA00015003 EC/ET Series
EC12D0.5-1 EC12D3 EC15D5
EC24N10 EC24N7.5 EC5N17-1
EC5N25-8 ECV/ETV Series ECV12D1.7
ECV12D3.4 ECV12N1.7 ECV12N5
ECV12N6.8 ECV15N1.5 ECV15N4.5
ECV24N.8-100 ECV24N1.2 ECV24N2.4
ECV24N3.6 ECV24N4.8 ECV24N8
ECV5N3-1 ECV5N6-1 ECV5N6-115
ECV5N9-1 EFM5N17104 EL-300
EL-300N EL300 & 301 EL310, 31 1, & 312
EL750B EL750BR-1 EL750BR-2
ETV251 ETV351-1 ETV401-100
ETV451 ETV651 ETV801
EVC15N1.5 HA15B-0001-B103 HCM12N53
HCM5N65-1-4-A HCM5N65-1-5C J F151 A Series
J F201 A Series J F301 A Series JF101
JF101-B-5000 JF101B JF101B Series
JF101B-2000 JF101B-2000-000 JF101B-2000-0000
JF101B20000000 JF101G JF101G-2000
JF101G2000 JF12N70P JF12N70P-105
JF151A JF151A-2000 JF151A-20009006
JF151A-4000-0000 JF151A-5000-4096 JF151A-6000
JF151A-60000000 JF151A-8000 JF151A2000-000
JF151A90000000 JF151A90009007 JF151G-2000
JF151G-60000000 JF151G30002161 JF15N55-9
JF15N55P-10 JF15N55P-9 JF201Y-2000
JF201Y-2000-9013 JF201Y-6000 JF24N28P-3
JF24N35P-104 JF24N35P-109 JF24N35P-9
JF28N28P-10 JF28N28P-9 JF36N24P
JF4N35P-104 JF5N150P JF5N150P-123
JF5N150P-134 JF5N150P-164 JF5N150P-169
JF5N150P-173 JF5N150P-176 JF5N150P-2
JF5N200P-1 JF5N200P-111 JF5N200P-12
JF5N200P-126 JF5N200P-9 JF5Nl5OP
JF741B30000000 JF751A-90000000 JF751B
JF751B Series JF751B-2000-0000 JF751B-20000001
JF751B-3000-000 JF751B-30000000 JF751B30000000
JF751FG2000-000 JF751G-50000003 JF75N1A-90000000
JFM Series JFM163A23737000 JFM165A23332
JP15N21H JP2N100 JP5N100
JP5N150 JP5N60 JP5N60-H
JPN5N60-H JR5K10 OEM12D1.5-1-2
OEM15D2.4-1-2 OEM15N1.5 OEM15N8.2-1-2
OEM28N1-6-2 OEM28N1.6-100 OEM28N9.3
OEM5N17 OEM5N17-1-9 RBQ Series
RBQ-131 RBQ-171 RBQ-173
RBQ-202 RBQ-223 RBQ223
RBT Series RBT-43 RBT-51
RBT-61 RE Series RE103B-2880-9001
RE751A-20000000 RE754B-23320002 RE754B-23320083
RE754B/HB-30VP RE754B/HB5-3OVP RE802B26000000
RE80323309008 RE803A-2330-9008 RE804B-23399010
RE804B-2446-900 REV 102 Series REV 103 Series
REV 104 Series REV 802 Series REV803B
REV803B-2320 REV803B-2330-00 REV803B-2440
REV804B REV804B-2 REV804B-2232
REV804B-2329-90 REV804B-2332 REV804B-2339
REV804B-2339-00 REV804B-2446-9006 REV804B-2448
REV804B-2448-00 REV804B-2448-0000 REV804B-2448-90
REV804B24480000 REV804B24489001 RH 101 Series
RH101A-20000010 RH101B-2000 RH101B-5000
RM/RMV 223 Series RM/RMV 224 Series RM/RMV 304 Series
RM164B-2339 RM164B-2449 RM224B
RM224B-233​9-0064 RM224B-2449-0000 RM224B2339
RMC 301B Series RMC/RMF 303 Series RMC/RMF 304 Series
RMC/RMF 403 Series RMC/RMF 404 Series RMC301A-5000
RMC303A-2330 RMC303B-2330 RMC304A-2332
RMC304A-2333 RMC304A-2339 RMC304A-2442
RMC304A-2449 RMC304B-2332 RMC304B-2333
RMC304B-2339 RMC304B-2449 RMC403A-2330
RMC403B-2330 RMC404A-2332 RMC404A-2333
RMC404A-2339 RMC404A-2442 RMC404A-2449
RMC404B-2332 RMC404B-2333 RMC404B-2339
RMC404B-2442 RMC404B-2449 RMF303A-2330
RMF303B RMF303B-2330 RMF304A-2332
RMF304A-2333 RMF304A-2339 RMF304A-2449
RMF304B-2332 RMF304B-2333 RMF304B-2339
RMF304B-2449 RMF403A-2330 RMF403B-2330
RMF404A-2332 RMF404A-2333 RMF404A-2339
RMF404A-2442 RMF404A-2449 RMF404B-2332
RMF404B-2333 RMF404B-2339 RMF404B-2442
RMF404B-2449 RMV223A-2330 RMV223B-2330
RMV224A-2332 RMV224A-2333 RMV224A-2339
RMV224A-2449 RMV224B RMV224B-2332
RMV224B-2333 RMV224B-2339 RMV224B-2449
RMV303A-2330 RMV303B-2330 RMV304A-2332
RMV304A-2333 RMV304A-2339 RMV304A-2442
RMV304A-2449 RMV304B-2332 RMV304B-2333
RMV304B-2339 RMV304B-2442 RMV304B-2449
RMX Series RMY223B-2330-0450 RPS-2-1-1-4-115
RQ/RQD Series RQ301-5 RQ303-101
RQ304-101 RQ304-104 RQ304-107
RS/RSD Series RS12N13.5 RS12N13.5-1
RS12N9 RS15N21-104 RS15N21-105
RS24N RS24N13 RS28N11.5-1
RS28N6 RS48N Series RS48N7-100
RS5460-105 RS5N10-1 RS5N130-124
RS5N20 RS5N30-125 RS5N30-2
RS5N30-3 RS5N60-101 RS5N60-102
RS5N60-105 RS5N75F RS5N75F-101
RS6N50-100 RS6N50-3 RSF 501B Series
RSF 502B Series RSF 503B Series RSF 504B Series
RSF 504B-2352-9024 RSF-102B4400000 RSF102-B
RSF102B RSF102B-4400-0000 RSF102N
RSF501B RSF501B-5000 RSF501B-8000
RSF501B-8000-9011 RSF501B20004104 RSF501B8000000
RSF501B80009011 RSF502B RSF502B-2300
RSF502B23000065 RSF503B RSF503B-2330
RSF503B-2330-0017 RSF503B-2330-9021 RSF503B-23330
RSF503B-34440 RSF503B2330000 RSF503D
RSF503G RSF503G24409003 RSF503N-23330
RSF504B-2448 RSR502B RT/RTD 1 00 Series
RT/RTD 150 Series RT/RTD 300 Series RT102-3
RT151 RT151-1 RT151-118
RT151-182 RT152-1 RT152-110
RT301 RT301-1 RT301-118
RT301-120 RT301-123 RT301-183
RT301-2 RT301-3 RTD300
TR100 Series TR101-1-2 TR101-102
TR102-1-2-3 TR102-1-2-C TR200 Series
TR201-1 TR202-1 TR202-1-2
TR202-101 TR202-102 TR300 Series
TR301-1 TR302-1-2-6 TR302-1-2-8
TR302-100 YNPSM01-A

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  • Custom modifications
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  • Screening/No Trouble Found programs
  • Stock-kept replacements
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  • Failure and warranty tracking
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