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POWER Clinic’s goal is to provide “Peace of Mind” to each and every one of the people who contact us for help in solving a problem. We realize that our customers aren’t companies….our customers are people who have a job to do and a boss or a customer to please. To that end, we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service so that you, as the client, have the faith and confidence that, in trusting Power Clinic, you sent your mission critical components to the right vendor.

The Power Clinic repairs all Astec Power Supplies. When you need a Astec Power Supply Repaired … contact Power Clinic Inc for help. Our Technical Reps will help co-ordinate a free evaluation and provide a price quote for repair and do it fast. Most Astec Power Supply Repair quotes are returned in 3-5 days and finished repairs are usually shipped 5-7 days after you approve the service order.

The following is a list of many of the Astec models we service.

AA11840 07L7476 080-25459-011
080-25862-1850 0950-2055 0950-2081
0950-2175 0950-2497 0950-2701
0950-2999 132324 135268
158050490000 1650 200084
202386 202440 21847
2260421 266619 267161
30-21749-01 30-28231-01 30-41069-01
3001566-02 33766 33767
34-0773-01 43158088-022 484-0050342
484-0058024 484-0058025 484-0058026
484-0063983 484-0064024 484-0064025
4840045433 48V100 5604145-132
59100-0034 614-0004 661-1688
69-250-714 699-0392 6A10-CCE-371-L-3-S18
6A5-A-371-FG-23 719307 73-125-004
73-171-002 73-180-0033-CE 73-180-0033CE
73-180-0034CE 73-180-0057 73-180-0381
73-190-0539CE 73-190-0544CE 73-190-4028CE
73-190-4078 73-190-5035CE 73-190-5065CE
73-495-0333 73-560-0061 73-560-1993
73-610-035 73-610-056 81582
82868 843879 86986
87708 897649 9J2-400-371
9R15-200-381 9R2-700-381 9R24-130-381
9R28-105-381 9R48-65-381 9R5-600-381
A400A0108-AS AA 19130 AA-16570
AA-17070 AA11101 AA11850
AA12021 AA12121 AA1212B
AA12131 AA12150 AA12152
AA12220 AA12370 AA12433
AA12520 AA13120 AA13200
AA13320 AA13321 AA13390
AA13480 AA13560 AA13621
AA13680 AA13870 AA13950
AA13991 AA14220 AA14229
AA14240 AA14320 AA14500
AA14620 AA15530 AA15580
AA15630 AA15790 AA15830
AA15900 AA15970 AA16130
AA16290 AA16320 AA16330
AA1633V AA16490 AA16510
AA1657 AA16570 AA16570-1B
AA16600 AA16670 AA16690
AA16750 AA16870 AA17070
AA19100 AA19130 AA19180
AA19250 AA19380 AA19440
AA19710 AA19920 AA20290
AA20340 AA20370 AA7281
AA7811A AA7812A AA7814A
AA7815A AA7816A AA7941A
AA7942A AA7944A AA7945A
AA7946A AA9030 AA90301
AA90303 AA90305 AA90306
AA90307 AA9042 AA9043
AA9044 AA9072 AA9080
AA9090 AA90901 AA90902
AA90903 AC8151 AC8151-01
AC8251 AC9232 AC9232-01
AC9252-01 AC9335-01 AC9355
AC935501 AC9463 AC9534
AC9563 AC957 AC9664
ACV12N1.7 ACV24N1.2 ACV24N4.8
ADN20-24-1PM-C ADN20-24-3PM-C AE2845-4501
AE285-4501 AE300-1201 ALS 301C-3000-1
ALS 304C-2336 ALS301C ALS304C
ALS304C-2242 ALS304C-2332 ALS304C-2336
ALS304C-2449 AM Series AM80A048L022F60
AM80A048L033F50 AM80A048L050F40 AM80A048L120F18
AM80A048L150F16 AM80A048L240F09 AM80A048L480F05
AM80A300L022F60 AM80A300L033F50 AM80A300L050F40
AM80A300L120F18 AM80A300L150F16 AM80A300L240F09
AM80A300L480F05 ATV351 ATV551
ATX145-3485 ATX145-3505 AZT-AA16570-1B
BM-40-3302 BM200-2407 BM200-3601
BM2053 BM35-3102 BM403302
BM52053 BMR 910 355/1 BMR 910 355/2
C0063 CR455 DS450HE-3-001
DSR1-00 DSR3-00 DSR625-0
DSR850-0 EL300N EL301
EL310 EL311 EL750
HPR1-00 HPR3-00 HPR3KW-00
HPS15Q-NNR-000 HPS15R-NNR-000 HPS15S-NNR-000
HPS15W-NNR-000 HPS15Y-NNR-000 HPS3000-9
HPS35L-NNR-000 HPS35Q-NNR-000 HPS35W-NNR-000
IMP-5H0-00-A IMP1-2W0-2W0-1L0-1Q0-1Q0-00-A IMP1-3N0-1O0-1O0-1O0-00-A
IMP1-3N0-1O0-1O0-1O0-00-A-N636 IMP1-3N0-3N0-3-A IMP1-3N0-3N0-30-A
IMP1-3NO-1O0-1O0-1O0-00-A IMP1-3R0-1L0-1L0-4ED0-4II0-01B IMP1-3Z0-3M0-00-B-N638
IMP1-5H0-00-A IMP1-5H0-00-A-N635 IMP13N01001000A
IMP13N03N030A IMP4-2W0-2W0-1L0-00-A IMP4-3E-1L-4LL0-04-A
IMP4-3U0-1W0-03-A IMP4-3U0-1W0-1W0-03-A JC000033-001
JF150 JF201A-1000 JF201A-1000-9007
JF201A-2000 JF201A-3000 JF201A-4000
JF201A-5000 JF201A-6000 JF201A-9000
JF5N200P JF751-2000-0000 JF751B-2000-90
LPQ 252 LPQ 353 LPQ-154
LPQ-154-SUR LPQ113 LPQ114
LPQ114-B LPQ154 LPQ252
LPQ353 LPS 353 LPS115
LPS252 LPS255 LPS255-CF
LPS65 LPT-62 LPT22
LPT62 M3L0-0110 MP-3E-1L-1L-00
MP1-1L-1N-1J-1J-1Q-4LL-4NN-OO MP1-2Q-2U-2U-00 MP1-3E-1E-2F-1L-30
MP1-3E-1E-2F-1L-30(-408) MP1-3E-2E-1L-30 MP1-3E-2E-3L-30
MP1-3V-3V-1I-30 MP1-5H0-00A MP13E1E2F1L30
MP13E1E2F1L3040 MP13E1E2FL30 MP4-11E-NNE-00
MP4-1D-1E-1L-4LE-00 MP4-1E-1F-00 MP4-1E-1L-1L-1S-00
MP4-1E-1L-1L1S0 MP4-1E-1L-1LNN-0N MP4-1E-1L-1Q-1U-01
MP4-1E-1L-1S-4LF-00 MP4-1E-1P-1W MP4-1H-1U-1U-1V-1V-03
MP4-1Q-4LQ-00 MP4-1Q-4LQ-00-456 MP4-1Z-4EH-4QR-IQE-00
MP4-2F-1F-20 MP4-2Q-1E-1N-1N MP4-2Q-4EE-LLE
MP4-2W-00 MP4-2Y-1Q-00 MP4-3F-00
MP41E1E1L1L10 MP41E1F00 MP41Q1U1U1V1V03
MP4211E1L4L300 MP6-1D-1E-1E-4LL-00 MP6-1E-1L-1R-1Q
MP6-1E-1Q-4NN00 MP6-1W-4EE-4NN-03 MP6-1Z-1F-1W-40
MP6-2A-1P-1P-1E-03 MP6-2D-1E-1E MP6-2E-1D-1F-4LL-0
MP6-2E-2L-1L-00 MP6-2E-4LL-01 MP6-2E-4LL-1W01
MP6-2L-1E-01 MP6-2L-1N-1N-00 MP6-2L-1N-1N-01
MP6-2Q-1E MP6-2Q-1E-1L-LL MP6-2Q-2R-1E-0M
MP6-30-00 MP6-31-00 MP6-3E-03
MP6-3E-1F-4LL MP6-3E-1L-1L-00 MP6-3E-1L-1L-01
MP6-3E-4LL-02 MP6-3E-4LL-4NN MP6-3I-00
MP6-3L-00 MP6-3L-0M MP6-3Q-00
MP6-3S-00 MP6-3T-4LL-00 MP6-3U-1R-05
MP6-3W-00 MP62U1E1L4LL00 MP63E1L1L00
MP8-2E-2H-1L-00 MP8-2Q-2Q-1H4NN MP8-3E-1L-1L-00
MP8-3E-1L-4LL MP8-3E-1L-4LL-00 MP8-3E-2D-4LL-0
MP8-3E-2F-1L-00 MP8-3H-3H-30 MP8-3N-3N-00
MP8-3R-1E-1Q MP82E2H1L00 MP83E2F1L00
MP83H3H30 MS 1 100/1 200 MS1600
MS400/500 MS600/700/800 MS900/1 000
NBQ151 NS 161005 NSF50
NTQ123 OA Series OEM II Series
OEM Series PS4129D PS4229D
PS4329D PSE-2 PSE2-115/230-C-027
PSS300 RBQ151 RBQ152
RBQ202 RBQ203 RBQ204
RBT52 REV 102 REV 103
REV 104 REV 802 REV 803
REV 804 REV804B-2448-9001 RH101A-2000-0010
RMC301BRMC404B RPS2-P1-115-CLS RS12N13N
RS5N RSF502 RSF503B2330-9021
RTVAC9252-01 SA 100 Series  SA Series
SA100-2401 SA100-3430 SA1000 Series
SA120-3406 SA130-2402 SA130-3401
SA130-3402 SA130-3420 SA145-3420
SA145-3435 SA145-3490 SA150
SA150-3411 SA200 Series SA2003509
SA201 SA201-3450-226 SA202-3525
SA202-3530 SA260-3415 SA40
SA40-1304 SA451-3505-11 SA50-3400
SA70-1400 SA70-1402 SA70A
SA70A-1400 SA71-1400 TW-LR48280
VS1-B2-G33-02 VS1-B8-01-498-CE VS1-D5-00
VS1-D5-00(CE) VS1-D5-00-CE VS1-D8-02
VS1-D9-00-CE VS1-D9-01 VS1-D9-03(CE)
VS1-D9-03-(-CE) VS1-H555-F24402 VS1-K2-00-CE
VS1-K5-01 VS1-K9-K9-00 VS1-K9-K9-00-CE
VS1-L2-00 VS1-L5-00 VS1-L6-01
VS1-L7-00 VS1K7K700CE VS3-B2-B5-B5-00
VS3-B5-A2-G44 VS3-C2-C2-02 VS3-C2-H332
VS3-D2-C2-03 VS3-D2-C2-03-494-CE VS3-D2-C2-20
VS3-D2-H332-07 VS3-K2-B3-B5-G24 VS3-K2-B8-B5-H255-00
VS3-K2-K5-K5-00 VS3-K8-K8-K8-K8-03 VS3-K9-K8-K8-H244-03
VS3-K9-K8-K8-H244-03(-616-CE) VS3-K9-K8-K8-H244-03(-681-CE) VS3-L0-L0-03
VS3-L4-03 VS3-L4-03-669-CE VS3-L5-B5-21
VS3-L6-B6-20 VS3-L6-B6-20-CE VS3-L6-B6-21
VS3-L8-B8-21 VS3-L9-B9-21 (-CE) VS3-LO-KO-A2-20-561
VS3A2G44E55F242 VS3B2G33E4400 VS3B2G33E4400663CE
VS3B6E44F23301 VS3C2G3300CE VS3D2C20
VS3D2C203 VS3D2C203494CE VS3D2C220
VS3D2C220(557) VS3E34E34C200598CE VS3K2B4H25500
VS3K6A4G44F233 VS3K6A4G44F2330 VS3K8K8K803
VS3K8K8K8K803 VS3K9K8K8H24403 VS3L0L003
VS3L0L003493CE VS3L0L0493CE VS6-L2-00-CE
VS8-D2-D2-20 VS8-D6-D6-21-CE VS8-L2-D2-20
VS8-L2-D2-20 (419-CE) VS8-L2-D2-20-CE VS8-L2-D220
ZZ03001-914 ZZ03001-915

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  • Component level troubleshooting
  • Refurbishment
  • Engineering updates
  • Custom modifications
  • 72 Hour Expedited service
  • Screening/No Trouble Found programs
  • Stock-kept replacements
  • No evaluation charge (most cases)
  • Failure and warranty tracking
  • Preventative Maintenance programs
  • Replacement sourcing
  • All repairs warrantied for a minimum of 6 months


Power Clinic Inc is ALWAYS seeking talented and enthusiastic technicians and engineers in the DFW Metroplex.

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  • Thousands of unique models repaired since 1987
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  • Large library of technical documentation

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