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POWER Clinic’s goal is to provide “Peace of Mind” to each and every one of the people who contact us for help in solving a problem. We realize that our customers aren’t companies….our customers are people who have a job to do and a boss or a customer to please. To that end, we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service so that you, as the client, have the faith and confidence that, in trusting Power Clinic, you sent your mission critical components to the right vendor.

The Power Clinic repairs all Deltron Power Supplies. When you need a Deltron Power Supply Repaired … contact Power Clinic Inc for help. Our Technical Reps will help co-ordinate a free evaluation and provide a price quote for repair and do it fast. Most Deltron Power Supply Repair quotes are returned in 3-5 days and finished repairs are usually shipped 5-7 days after you approve the service order.

The following is a list of many of the Deltron models we service.

01-W2535E01 01-W2652E01B 01-W2653E01
01-W2653E01B 1001718-001 1026013--0374
10492X 10607XE 10607XF
110607XF 11060X 11088A
11088XA 11102XB 11138XA
11180XA 11185XB 11244XA
11294XB 11307XB 11346XA
11356XA 11436XB 11436XC
11436XC-1 11437XB 11478XC
11482XA 11482XA-11443 11564XA
11564XA-01 11564XA-02 11564XA01
11568XB 11579XA 11589XA
11589ZXA 1159SXA 11617XC
11620X 11620XA 11621XA
11632XA 11741XB 11782XA
11808A 11809A 11853A-AC
11853XA 11916A 1M12D9-64
300B15 4074527-0064 4074527-0080
4167108-0002 6531X 6552X
660-091820-001 660-091821-001 76435363
76436002 853-017230R-001 9039X-1
9061 9062 998-0631920
CP300-100 CP304-110 CP314-100
CP321-100 CV360A04 CV360D04
CV601D04 DF Series DF44B2363-YYN
DF44B2443-YYN DF45B2132-YYN DF45B2133-YYN
DL Series DL1.8-40-YY DL12-17-01-0012
DL12-17-03-RH5 DL12-17-YY DL2.5-40-YY
DL24-9-YY DL3.3-40-YY DL48-4.2-YY
DL5-40-YY E Series E200B
E41AECE-00 E41CEDE-00 E41CEEE-00
E41DEDE-00 E41FGDE-00 E41GDEE-00
FM12C6 FM12C6-04 FM12C6-04-CG
FM12C6-08 FM48C223-06 FM48C2233
FS Series FS48D1233-YY FS48D2133-YY
FS48D2332-YY FS48D2336-YY FT Series
FT12C8-00 FT32C233-00 FT44B1233-18LEN
FT44B1233-19LEN FT44B1233-YY FT44B2133-YY
FT44B2332-YY FT44B2363-YYN FT44B2443-YYN
FT44B2633-YY FT45B2132-YYN FT45B2133-YYN
FX1D-05 FX1D-05AC L Series
L1.8-40-YY L1.8-50-YY L12-17-02-0032
L12-17-YY L12-21-02-0032 L12-21-YY
L2.5-40-02-0032 L2.5-40-YY L2.5-50-02-0032
L2.5-50-YY L24-10.4-02-0032 L24-10.4-YY
L24-9-02-0032 L24-9-YY L3.3-40-02-0032
L3.3-40-YY L3.3-50-02-0032 L3.3-50-YY
L48-4.2-02-0032 L48-4.2-YY L48-5.2-02-0032
L48-5.2-YY L5-40-02-0032 L5-40-YY
L5-50-02-0032 L5-50-YY LA Series
LA12-50-YY LA24-27-YY LA48-14.6-YY
LC Series LC12-58-YY LC24-38-YY
LC28-32-YY LC48-21-YY LD Series
LD12-116-YY LD24-75-YY LD28-64-YY
LD48-42-YY LE Series LE1.8-56-YY
LE12-25-02-0032 LE12-25-YY LE12-33-YY
LE2.5-56-02-0032 LE2.5-56-YY LE24-12.5-02-0032
LE24-12.5-YY LE24-16.7-YY LE3.3-56-02-0032
LE3.3-56-YY LE48-6.3-02-0032 LE48-6.3-YY
LE48-8.3-YY LE5-56-02-0032 LE5-56-YY
LJ Series LJ24-113-YY LJ28-96-YY
LJ48-63-YY M Series M12D6-64
M12D9-64 M42P2233-0 M44R1233-YYN
M44R2133-YYN M44R2633-YYN M48C1233-YYN
M48C2133-YYN M48C2633-YYN M48D1233-YYN
M48D2133-YYN M48D2633-YYN M50D26633-12
M50D26633-12P-LW M72B2206633 M72B2206633-RAL
MPS Series N28-19 PL Series
PL1000H PL1000L PL1200H
PL1200L Q Series Q12-34
Q12-5.7 Q15-95 Q170
Q18-2.6 Q24 Q24-1.2
Q24-3.3 Q24-48 Q24-7.2
Q24-99 Q250A Q28-3.1
Q28-6 Q5-18 Q5-9
Q5-90 QD Series QD12/15-0.6
QD1215-17 QD1215-3 QT-2
R-FM12C6-04 R15-3.8 R24-12.4
R5-22.5 R5-33.7 R6-33.7
RSB10-OVP-E-D7 S24-12.5 S5-20
S5-60 S525 SC2750001
SlimLine SlimLine2 SlimLine3
SMP SQ175 SQ175-1
SQ175-1XXX ST150-1 ST150-1XX
ST300-1 V Series V/VQ Series
V120A V120B V120C
V120D V120D12 V180A
V180B V180C V180D
V180D04 V180D12 V200B10-FP
V225A V225A04 V225A12
V225B05-AC V225C V225C14
V250A V250B V250C
V250C04 V250D V250D04
V250F04-AC V270A V270A04-AH
V270B V270C V270D
V270D04 V300 V300 SERIES
V300-W/02 V300-W/2-4 V300A
V300B V300B15 V300C
V300D V300E V325B
V325B12 V325B15 V360A
V360B V360C V360D
V360D04 V400A V500B05
V501A V501B V501C
V501C04 V501D V501D04
V501E V501F V501G
V501H V601A V601B
V601B04 V601C V601D
V7444 VC300 VD00B15
VQ-15-4.8 VQ15 VQ15-4.8
VQ5-6.0C VQ6-6.0C VX1F-07-EC
W Series W100A W101B
W102C W103D W104A
W105B W106C W107D
W108A W109B W110C
W110C-1 W111D W112A
W113B W114C W115D
W116A W120F W121G
W122F W123G W124F
W125G W126F W127G
W205C W208A W209B
W210C W300A W301D
W302E W303E W304F
W305G W308E W314B
W318D W325E

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Our Services

  • Component level troubleshooting
  • Refurbishment
  • Engineering updates
  • Custom modifications
  • 72 Hour Expedited service
  • Screening/No Trouble Found programs
  • Stock-kept replacements
  • No evaluation charge (most cases)
  • Failure and warranty tracking
  • Preventative Maintenance programs
  • Replacement sourcing
  • All repairs warrantied for a minimum of 6 months


Power Clinic Inc is ALWAYS seeking talented and enthusiastic technicians and engineers in the DFW Metroplex.

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  • Thousands of unique models repaired since 1987
  • Knowledgeable engineers and technicians experienced in troubleshooting and finding solutions
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  • Large inventory of domestic and foreign parts
  • Helpful and thorough client support team
  • Quick repair turnaround times
  • Large library of technical documentation

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