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POWER Clinic’s goal is to provide “Peace of Mind” to each and every one of the people who contact us for help in solving a problem. We realize that our customers aren’t companies….our customers are people who have a job to do and a boss or a customer to please. To that end, we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service so that you, as the client, have the faith and confidence that, in trusting Power Clinic, you sent your mission critical components to the right vendor.

The Power Clinic repairs all Glassman High Voltage Power Supplies. When you need a Glassman High Voltage Power Supply Repaired … contact Power Clinic Inc for help. Our Technical Reps will help co-ordinate a free evaluation and provide a price quote for repair and do it fast. Most Glassman High Voltage Power Supply Repair quotes are returned in 3-5 days and finished repairs are usually shipped 5-7 days after you approve the service order.

The following is a list of many of the Glassman High Voltage models we service.

5980-0119-0001 EH1.5N65L EH1.5P65L
EH1.5R65L EH10N10 EH10P10
EH10R10 EH15N6 EH15P6
EH15R6 EH1N100L EH1P100L
EH1R100L EH20N5 EH20P5
EH20R5 EH25N4 EH25P4
EH25R4 EH2N50L EH2P50L
EH2R50L EH30N3 EH30P3
EH30R3 EH3N33L EH3P33L
EH3R33L EH40N2.5 EH40P2.5
EH40R2.5 EH50N2 EH50P2
EH50R2 EH5N20L EH5P20L
EH5R20L EH60N1.5 EH60P1.5
EH60R1.5 EK1.5R400 EK10N60
EK10P60 EK10R60 EK12N50
EK12P50 EK12R50 EK15N40
EK15P40 EK15R40 EK1R600
EK20N30 EK20P30 EK20R30
EK25N24 EK25P24 EK25R24
EK2R300 EK30N20 EK30P20
EK30R20 EK3R200 EK40N15
EK40P15 EK40R15 EK50N12
EK50P12 EK50R12 EK5R120
EK60N10 EK60P10 EK60R10
EK6R100 EK8N75 EK8P75
EK8R75 EL10N4 EL10P4
EL10R4 EL15N3 EL15P3
EL15R3 EL20N2 EL20P2
EL20R2 EL30N1.5 EL30P1.5
EL30R1.5 EL3N15L EL3P15L
EL3R15L EL40N1 EL40P1
EL40R1 EL50N0.8 EL50P0.8
EL50R0.8 EL5N8L EL5P8L
EL5R8L EL60N0.6 EL60P0.6
EL60R0.6 EQ1.5R800 EQ10N120
EQ10P120 EQ10R120 EQ12N100
EQ12P100 EQ12R100 EQ15N80
EQ15P80 EQ15R80 EQ1R1200
EQ20N60 EQ20P60 EQ20R60
EQ2R600 EQ30N40 EQ30P40
EQ30R40 EQ3R400 EQ40N30
EQ40P30 EQ40R30 EQ50N24
EQ50P24 EQ50R24 EQ5R240
EQ60N20 EQ60P20 EQ60R20
EQ6R200 EQ8N150 EQ8P150
EQ8R150 ER1.5R200 ER10N30
ER10P30 ER10R30 ER15N20
ER15P20 ER15R20 ER1R300
ER20N15 ER20P15 ER20R15
ER25N12 ER25P12 ER25R12
ER2R150 ER30N10 ER30P10
ER30R10 ER3R100 ER40N7.5
ER40P7.5 ER40R7.5 ER50N6
ER50P6 ER50R6 ER5R60
ER60N5 ER60P5 ER60R5
ER6R50 ER75N4 ER75P4
ER75R4 EW1.5R400 EW10N60
EW10P60 EW10R60 EW15N40
EW15P40 EW15R40 EW1R600
EW20N30 EW20P30 EW20R30
EW25N24 EW25P24 EW25R24
EW2R300 EW30N20 EW30P20
EW30R20 EW3R200 EW40N15
EW40P15 EW40R15 EW50N12
EW50P12 EW50R12 EW5R120
EW60N10 EW60P10 EW60R10
EW7N85 EW7P85 EW7R85
FC1.5N80 FC1.5P80 FC1.5R80
FC10N12 FC10P12 FC10R12
FC12N10 FC12P10 FC12R10
FC15N8 FC15P8 FC15R8
FC1N120 FC1P120 FC1R120
FC20N6 FC20P6 FC20R6
FC25N4.8 FC25P4.8 FC25R4.8
FC2N60 FC2P60 FC2R60
FC30N4 FC30P4 FC30R4
FC3N40 FC3P40 FC3R40
FC40N3 FC40P3 FC40R3
FC50N2.4 FC50P2.4 FC50R2.4
FC5N24 FC5P24 FC5R24
FC60N2 FC60P2 FC60R2
FC6N20 FC6P20 FC6R20
FC8N15 FC8P15 FC8R15
FL0750F2.0 FL1000F1.5 FL1250F1.2
FL1500F1.0 FX1.5N200 FX1.5P200
FX1.5R200 FX10N30 FX10P30
FX10R30 FX12N25 FX12P25
FX12R25 FX15N20 FX15P20
FX15R20 FX1N300 FX1P300
FX1R300 FX20N15 FX20P15
FX20R15 FX25N12 FX25P12
FX25R12 FX2N150 FX2P150
FX2R150 FX30N10 FX30P10
FX30R10 FX3N100 FX3P100
FX3R100 FX40N7.5 FX40P7.5
FX40R7.5 FX50N6 FX50P6
FX50R6 FX5N60 FX5P60
FX5R60 FX60N5 FX60P5
FX60R5 FX6N50 FX6P50
FX6R50 FX8N37 FX8P37
FX8R37 KL1.5R2000 KL10N300
KL10P300 KL10R300 KL12N250
KL12P250 KL12R250 KL15N200
KL15P200 KL15R200 KL1R3000
KL20N150 KL20P150 KL20R150
KL2R1500 KL30N100 KL30P100
KL30R100 KL3R1000 KL5R600
KL6R500 KL8N375 KL8P375
KL8R375 LH1.5R3.3 LH100N50
LH100P50 LH100R50 LH10N500
LH10P500 LH10R500 LH12N420
LH12P420 LH12R420 LH15N330
LH15P330 LH15R330 LH1R5.0
LH20N250 LH20P250 LH20R250
LH25N200 LH25P200 LH25R200
LH2R2.5 LH30N170 LH30P170
LH30R170 LH3R1.7 LH40N125
LH40P125 LH40R125 LH50N100
LH50P100 LH50R100 LH5R1.0
LH60N85 LH60P85 LH60R85
LH6R850 LH70N72 LH70P72
LH70R72 LH80N63 LH80P63
LH80R63 LH8N630 LH8P630
LH8R630 LK100N30 LK100P30
LK100R30 LK40N75 LK40P75
LK40R75 LK50N60 LK50P60
LK50R60 LK60N50 LK60P50
LK60R50 LK70N43 LK70P43
LK70R43 LK80N37 LK80P37
LK80R37 LQ1.5N13.4 LQ1.5N6.7
LQ1.5P13.4 LQ1.5P6.7 LQ10N1.0
LQ10N2.0 LQ10P1.0 LQ10P2.0
LQ12N0.85 LQ12N01.7 LQ12P0.85
LQ12P01.7 LQ1N 20.0 LQ1N10.0
LQ1P 20.0 LQ1P10.0 LQ2N10.0
LQ2N5.0 LQ2P10.0 LQ2P5.0
LQ3N3.4 LQ3N6.8 LQ3P3.4
LQ3P6.8 LQ5N2.0 LQ5N4.0
LQ5P2.0 LQ5P4.0 LQ6N1.7
LQ6N3.4 LQ6P1.7 LQ6P3.4
LQ8N1.3 LQ8N2.6 LQ8P1.3
LQ8P2.6 LT1.5R1300 LT100N20
LT100P20 LT100R20 LT10N200
LT10P200 LT10R200 LT125N16
LT125P16 LT125R16 LT12N165
LT12P165 LT12R165 LT150N10
LT150P10 LT150R10 LT15N132
LT15P132 LT15R132 LT1R2000
LT20N100 LT20P100 LT20R100
LT2R1000 LT30N66 LT30P66
LT30R66 LT3R660 LT40N50
LT40P50 LT40R50 LT50N40
LT50P40 LT50R40 LT5R400
LT60N33 LT60P33 LT60R33
LT6R330 LT80N25 LT80P25
LT80R25 LT8N250 LT8P250
LT8R250 LX1.5R1300 LX100N20
LX100P20 LX100R20 LX10N200
LX10P200 LX10R200 LX125N16
LX125P16 LX125R16 LX12N165
LX12P165 LX12R165 LX150N12
LX150P12 LX150R12 LX15N132
LX15P132 LX15R132 LX1R2000
LX20N100 LX20P100 LX20R100
LX2R1000 LX30N66 LX30P66
LX30R66 LX3R660 LX40N50
LX40P50 LX40R50 LX50N40
LX50P40 LX50R40 LX5R400
LX60N33 LX60P33 LX60R33
LX6R330 LX80N25 LX80P25
LX80R25 LX8N250 LX8P250
LX8R250 MJ10N1500 MJ10P1500
MJ15N1000 MJ15P1000 MJ20N700
MJ20P700 MJ30N400 MJ30P400
MJ3N5000 MJ3P5000 MJ5N3000
MJ5P3000 MK1.5N50L MK1.5P50L
MK10N7.5 MK10P7.5 MK15N5
MK15P5 MK1N75L MK1P75L
MK20N3.7 MK20P3.7 MK25N3
MK25P3 MK2N37.5L MK2P37.5L
MK30N2.5 MK30P2.5 MK35N2
MK35P2 MK3N25L MK3P25L
MK40N1.8 MK40P1.8 MK50N1.5
MK50P1.5 MK5N15L MK5P15L
MK60N1.2 MK60P1.2 ML08N37.0
ML08P37.0 ML10N30.0 ML10P30.0
ML12N25.0 ML12P25.0 ML15N20.0
ML15P20.0 ML20N15.0 ML20P15.0
ML25N12.0 ML25P12.0 ML30N10.0
ML30P10.0 ML40N07.5 ML40P07.5
ML50N06. ML50P06.0 ML60N05.
ML60P05.0 MR1.5N200 MR1.5N200L
MR1.5P200 MR1.5P200L MR1N300
MR1N300L MR1P300 MR1P300L
MR2N150 MR2N150L MR2P150
MR2P150L MR3N100 MR3N100L
MR3P100 MR3P100L MR5N60
MR5N60L MR5P60 MR5P60L
OS200N10 OS200P10 OS200R10
OS250N8 OS250P8 OS250R8
OS300N6 OS300P6 OS300R6
OS350N4.5 OS350P4.5 OS350R4.5
OS400N3.5 OS400P3.5 OS400R3.5
OS450N3 OS450P3 OS450R3
PG100N10 PG100N2.5-LR PG100N5
PG100N5-LR PG100P10 PG100P2.5-LR
PG100P5 PG100R10 PG100R5
PG10P5-LR PG150N2-LR PG150N3
PG150N3-LR PG150N6 PG150P2-LR
PG150P3 PG150P3-LR PG150P6
PG150R3 PG150R6 PG200N1-LR
PG200N2-LR PG200N2.5 PG200N5
PG200P1-LR PG200P2-LR PG200P2.5
PG200P5 PG200R2.5 PG200R5
PG250N1 PG250N1-LR PG250N2
PG250N2-LR PG250P1 PG250P1-LR
PG250P2 PG250P2-LR PG250R1
PG250R2 PG300N1 PG300N1-LR
PG300N2 PG300N2-LR PG300P1
PG300P1-LR PG300P2 PG300P2-LR
PG300R1 PG400N1 PG400N1-LR
PG400P1 PG400P1-LR PG400R1
PK100N40 PK100N80 PK100P40
PK100P80 PK100R40 PK100R80
PK10N400 PK10N800 PK10P400
PK10P800 PK10R400 PK10R800
PK125N30 PK125N60 PK125P30
PK125P60 PK125R30 PK125R60
PK12N330 PK12N660 PK12P330
PK12P660 PK12R330 PK12R660
PK150N25 PK150N50 PK150P25
PK150P50 PK150R25 PK150R50
PK15N260 PK15N520 PK15P260
PK15P520 PK15R260 PK15R520
PK200N18 PK200N36 PK200P18
PK200P36 PK200R18 PK200R36
PK20N200 PK20N400 PK20P200
PK20P400 PK20R200 PK20R400
PK250N14 PK250N28 PK250P14
PK250P28 PK250R14 PK250R28
PK300N10 PK300N20 PK300P10
PK300P20 PK300R10 PK300R20
PK30N130 PK30N260 PK30P130
PK30P260 PK30R130 PK30R260
PK350N16 PK350N8 PK350P16
PK350P8 PK350R16 PK350R8
PK3R1300 PK3R2600 PK400N12
PK400N6 PK400P12 PK400P6
PK400R12 PK400R6 PK40N100
PK40N200 PK40P100 PK40P200
PK40R100 PK40R200 PK50N160
PK50N80 PK50P160 PK50P80
PK50R160 PK50R80 PK60N130
PK60N65 PK60P130 PK60P65
PK60R130 PK60R65 PK6R1300
PK6R650 PK75N100 PK75N50
PK75P100 PK75P50 PK75R100
PK75R50 PK80N100 PK80N50
PK80P100 PK80P50 PK80R100
PK80R50 PK8N450 PK8N900
PK8P450 PK8P900 PK8R450
PK8R900 PS/EIS-001 PS/EQ010N100YN02200173
PS/ER30N10​.0XR9 PS/EX075PCP01A PS/EX125N05.0FD
PS/EXO70P025A/E19007280 SH1.5R5.3 SH100N160
SH100N80 SH100P160 SH100P80
SH100R160 SH100R80 SH10N1.6
SH10N800 SH10P1.6 SH10P800
SH10R1.6 SH10R800 SH12N1.3
SH12N670 SH12P1.3 SH12P670
SH12R1.3 SH12R670 SH15N1.06
SH15N530 SH15P1.06 SH15P530
SH15R1.06 SH15R530 SH1R16.0
SH1R8.0 SH20N400 SH20N800
SH20P400 SH20P800 SH20R400
SH20R800 SH25N320 SH25N640
SH25P320 SH25P640 SH25R320
SH25R640 SH2R4.0 SH2R8.0
SH30N270 SH30N540 SH30P270
SH30P540 SH30R270 SH30R540
SH3R2.7 SH3R5.4 SH40N200
SH40N400 SH40P200 SH40P400
SH40R200 SH40R400 SH50N160
SH50N320 SH50P160 SH50P320
SH50R160 SH50R320 SH5R1.6
SH5R3.2 SH60N130 SH60N260
SH60P130 SH60P260 SH60R130
SH60R260 SH6R1.3 SH6R2.6
SH70N110 SH70N220 SH70P110
SH70P220 SH70R110 SH70R220
SH80N100 SH80N200 SH80P100
SH80P200 SH80R100 SH80R200
SH8N1.0 SH8N2.0 SH8P1.0
SH8P2.0 SH8R1.0 SH8R2.0
WK100N6 WK100P6 WK100R6
WK125N5 WK125P5 WK125R5
WK80N7.5 WK80P7.5 WK80R7.5
WR100N2.5 WR100P2.5 WR100R2.5
WR125N2 WR125P2 WR125R2
WR85N3.5 WR85P3.5 WR85R3.5
WX1.5R700 WX10N100 WX10P100
WX10R100 WX15N70 WX15P70
WX15R70 WX1R1000 WX20N50
WX20P50 WX20R50 WX2R500
WX30N35 WX30P35 WX30R35
WX3R350 WX40N25 WX40P25
WX40R25 WX50N20 WX50P20
WX50R20 WX5R200 WX60N15
WX60P15 WX60R15 WX75N12
WX75P12 WX75R12

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Our Services

  • Component level troubleshooting
  • Refurbishment
  • Engineering updates
  • Custom modifications
  • 72 Hour Expedited service
  • Screening/No Trouble Found programs
  • Stock-kept replacements
  • No evaluation charge (most cases)
  • Failure and warranty tracking
  • Preventative Maintenance programs
  • Replacement sourcing
  • All repairs warrantied for a minimum of 6 months


Power Clinic Inc is ALWAYS seeking talented and enthusiastic technicians and engineers in the DFW Metroplex.

Please email us your resume for consideration to:

The Power Clinic Advantage

  • Thousands of unique models repaired since 1987
  • Knowledgeable engineers and technicians experienced in troubleshooting and finding solutions
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Large inventory of domestic and foreign parts
  • Helpful and thorough client support team
  • Quick repair turnaround times
  • Large library of technical documentation

Our business is keeping your business in power!