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POWER Clinic’s goal is to provide “Peace of Mind” to each and every one of the people who contact us for help in solving a problem. We realize that our customers aren’t companies….our customers are people who have a job to do and a boss or a customer to please. To that end, we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service so that you, as the client, have the faith and confidence that, in trusting Power Clinic, you sent your mission critical components to the right vendor.

The Power Clinic repairs all Powertec Power Supplies. When you need a Powertec Power Supply Repaired … contact Power Clinic Inc for help. Our Technical Reps will help co-ordinate a free evaluation and provide a price quote for repair and do it fast. Most Powertec Power Supply Repair quotes are returned in 3-5 days and finished repairs are usually shipped 5-7 days after you approve the service order.

The following is a list of many of the Powertec models we service.

010000-000 035B004 080-25862-009
19C 19C-A01-ABCD 19C-A01-ACD
19C-A01-BC 19C-A01-BC-S955A 19C-B00-B
19C-B01-ABC 19C-C01-ABC 19C-C01-ABC-S961
19C-C01ABCS1752 19C-D00 19C-D01-ABD
19CC01ABCS1752 19CS00S1154B 19CS01ABCDS1084
200151-100 20058055 210A339
210A398 220E 24D50-0-4-6B
269-100029-002 269-100029-003 269-100040-001
269-100040-002 269-100041-001 269-100051-001
269-100052-001 269-100052001 29D5-A-2A-3729D5-C2A-371CR-3
29D5-C21-371 29D5C2A-371 CR-3 29DS-C2A-371
29DS-CZA-371FK3 2B15-1.3 2CC24-3.7-T
2CC5-9B 2D 2DD15-9B
2DD24-7.5B 2DS-CZA-371FK3 2E15-14B
2E1514MDL 2E24-11B 2E5-25B
2E5-25B-S687A 2E525B 2L15D-2.8B
2R-70T-S249 2R-70TS 2S140TB
31056 3G24-6.0A 3G5-20
415109-001 423DE 5022754002
6A5 6A5-BBB-371-FG-23 6A5BBB371FG32
6B5-BBD-371 6B5-CCB-371 6B8-BB-371-L-23-S1676
6C5-BA-371-FG 6C5-BBA 6C5-BBB-371
6D 6F5-BB 6JA
6JA24 6JA5-BBB-27 6JA5-BBB-27-BP
6JA5-BD-27 6JA5-CA-17-S945 6JA5-CCA-17-S941
6JB12 6JB5 6JB5-CC-17-B2
6JB5-CC-178-2 6JB5-CC-17B-2 6JB5-LL-178-2
6L5-BB-27 6L5-BB-27-D-35 6M5-CCA-17
6M5-CCA-17-S1010 6M5-CCA-17S1010 6M5-CCA-S1010
6M5CCA-17-S1010 735927 760139
801660-001 8D255A 9J12-130-371FJ3
9J2-400-371-FG3 9J28-60-371-FG 9J28-60-371-FG-3
9J5-300-13 9J5-300-13-AP-2 9J5-300-13-AP-2-S1318C
9J5-300-13-S1318 9J5-300-13-S132 9J5-300-130S132
9J5-300-19 9J5-300-27 9J5-300-27-1333
9J5-300-27-5133 9J5-300-271 9J5-300-271-24
9J5-300-27S1333 9J5-300-371 9J5-300-371-24-S1707
9J5-300-371-F 9J5-300-371-FGV-3 9J5-300-371-J-2-S1318E
9J5-360-371 9J530027S13331 9K12-90
9K12-90-271-P-S1596 9K2-300 9K2-300-372
9K2-300-372-FG-3 9K24 9K24-45-372
9K24-45-372-FG-3 9K28-38-17 9K48-23-372-FG
9K5-20-17 9K5-200 9K5-200-17
9K5-200-17-S878-1 9K5-200-17-S878-A3 9K5-200-171
9K5-200-171 9K5-200-171-4-S878B2 9K5-200-1758783
9K5-200-17S878 9K5-200-17S8782 9K5-200-271
9K5-200-362 9K5-200-372 9K5-200-372-3
9K5-200-372-FG 9K5200-17-S878 9K5200-17-S898
9K5200-171 9N-150-17-RESEL 9N-28-28-37-FP
9N2-200-171 9N2-200-17C 9N2-200-372
9N24 9N24-32-372 9N28-17-M116
9N28-28 9N28-28-37-FP 9N4140-17A
9N5-120 9N5-120-17A 9N5-120-271
9N5-120-C 9N5-150-170 9N5-150-171
9N5-150-17A 9N5-150-17B 9N5-150-17C
9N5-150-17C-S72 9N5-150-271 9N5-150-271-P
9N5-150-371 9N5-150-372 9N5-200-17C
9N5150-17A 9R28 B704
ESA150AY GJB12-A-27-B HC5-6
HC75-C JF5N150 LFS-50
OEM-2 PJ5-300-371 RS5N30
SR SWS-750-15 SWS-750-5

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Our Services

  • Component level troubleshooting
  • Refurbishment
  • Engineering updates
  • Custom modifications
  • 72 Hour Expedited service
  • Screening/No Trouble Found programs
  • Stock-kept replacements
  • No evaluation charge (most cases)
  • Failure and warranty tracking
  • Preventative Maintenance programs
  • Replacement sourcing
  • All repairs warrantied for a minimum of 6 months


Power Clinic Inc is ALWAYS seeking talented and enthusiastic technicians and engineers in the DFW Metroplex.

Please email us your resume for consideration to:

The Power Clinic Advantage

  • Thousands of unique models repaired since 1987
  • Knowledgeable engineers and technicians experienced in troubleshooting and finding solutions
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Large inventory of domestic and foreign parts
  • Helpful and thorough client support team
  • Quick repair turnaround times
  • Large library of technical documentation

Our business is keeping your business in power!